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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Clean Up Song

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere...
Clean up, clean up, everybody do their share.

And just to compare (gah, can't help rhyming)...

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Wow! You can see the bookcase in our living room (and the carpet, and the flooring...) And I could back up and out of the playroom! Yay me.

Too bad I didn't read what I was signing at OUAC Friday night, and didn't realize unless I got my butt back there within 3 days, they would give away ("donate") what they didn't want, and give me store credit (ugh) for what they *did* want. Which must not have been much, considering I only got $16 in credit for 3 bags of (clean and sorted by size) clothes, 2 bags of loose toys, an electric toddler's piano, and a baseball stool. Grrr. I'll try Children's Orchard next time.

On a (possibly) lighter note, I've finished three more book reviews over at Creative Books: Louisa May (you'll note I have a new "Reading" book --> in my sidebar, check it out, it's a good one), Wideacre, and Horse Heaven. Those comments sections are looking lonely, people! Let me know if there's anything there you've read!

And now, in the words of Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery: I'm spent. G'nite.


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