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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

No egg puns, please.

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Blogger keeps collapsing IE so I'll save this quickly and often. Just in case the entry seems cut-off to you...

I cropped on Sunday with my friend, Lisa T. Too short a time -- I can't get much done in 4 hours. My biggest accomplishment was the mosaic eggs on the left side, a new technique I learned from the Memory Makers book I bought a couple of weeks ago. I was tempted this past weekend to start buying scrapbook magazines again, but I still have a year's worth of Creating Keepsakes, plus a ton of idea books, so I'll cool it for now.

I know, I haven't talked about knitting in a while. Still working away on the Pink Fluffy Cloud sweater. I'm planning on going out knitting tonight; two groups meet: the MeetUp gang, at 6:30p, and a new SnB/not SnB group, at 7:30p. Politics.

I've been a bad secret pal. Sent a hodge-podge package out before we left for Florida, then just emails. She stated (in her blog) that she didn't need any more yarn, then dropped a big hint about a book she's been eyeballing, so I got it for her (after I emailed her and checked her recent knitting purchases -- just stuff for her secret pal, nothing planned for herself right now!) A Rowan book should make up for a lot, right?

Off to send my knitter a note, now that I think about it...


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