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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm it...

Out. of. Kleenex.
Teeth. Falling. Out. Of. Head.

And Tired.

Perfect time to do a meme. Thanks, Lynne, since I'm clueless about music and movies of late.

1. You're stuck inside Farenheit 451, which book do you want to be?

One of those Norton Anthologies. Nice & thick, a slow burn. Except for the tissue-thin papers. That might cancel out the sheer size of the book.

Wait, it has to be memorized? Crap. Think I missed the point on this question. Obviously I've never read Bradbury.

2. The last book you bought is:

You Grow Girl, because I've got to get my garden on. Yes, I paid full price. At Nicola's. Insane.

3. The last book you read:

Oh, my book blog is sadly outdated. I just finished The Sweetest Taboo, by Carole Matthews. Brain candy from my SIL, who also has a weakness for chick lit. As Jacques the Shrimp would say in Finding Nemo, "I am ashamed." (guess what Tess is watching while I write this...)

4. What are you currently reading:

Lark Rise to Candelford, by Flora Thompson, (a district library book sale find, 50 cents!)
Hope's Edge, by Frances and Anna Lappe, (going back to the library soon, 2-week due date on new books) :( Kinda depressing, actually.
Powder, by Kevin Sampson, A book show freebie. God, I miss those days!

All much more respectable than chick lit, I hope.

5. Five books you would take to a deserted island:

This is a hard one, because I rarely read books twice. Never, in fact. There are so many new books out there, or old ones I haven't read yet, that I just read and read and don't look back.

I like Lynne's idea of a survival strategies time I pack for an overseas plane trip, that will be in my bag. Along with:

1. A complete collection of Hans Christian Andersen's folk tales (less repetitive than Grimm's Fairy Tales)
2. The complete set (7 books in all, I think) of the Laura Ingalls' Wilders Little House series. Can that count as one? Please? Hey, I'm the one that's got to lug it around in my luggage.
3. That Russian For Beginners book that I can't find anywhere...dang it. I'll have time to learn the language, finally.
4. World of Knitted Toys (and the yarn to make plenty of friends), so I'm not caught talking to "Wilson."
5. Julia Cameron's Vein of Gold, and a really big notebook to write in. With some pens, of course.

Now, for the tagging...I guess I have to stick with people who stop by on occasion, so...

Michelle, you're up!
and Andrea, 'cos I don't know her all that well...
and Susan, because she already keeps a cool sidebar of what she's reading on her site (and I haven't caught her reading chick lit yet)


  • At 2:18 PM, Blogger sUsAn said…

    Hi Denise! Sorry to hear that you're sick! Hope you can rest a bit today. Feel better soon! Thx for the tag-always up for a book meme! Must look up some of these books you've mentioned (my library list grows ever longer!)- You Grow Girls sounds like a a fun way to get your gardening info!


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