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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Finished Stuff (Knitted)

Waldorf Doll
Nature Spun yarn
Finished May 16, 2006

Waldorf doll
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Pink Fluffy Cloud Sweater
Peter Pan's "Wendy" yarn (seriously)
Finished March 14, 2006
That's one happy kid!

pink fluffly cloud sweater
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Wedding Shawl
Dropps cotton viscose, simple garter stitch shawl
Finished March 12, 2006 ,
despite some SERIOUS 1st trimester, all-day nausea.
What can I say, I had a deadline!!

shawl front
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HP Gryffindor Scarf
Plymouth Encore Yarn (burgundy)
and Dalegarn (gold)
Finished (?) November 25, 2005
(after HP IV movie premiered!)
WIP photo taken October 26, 2005
(finished project photo features me looking really ugly, sorry)

POA Scarf
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First Sock-Yarn Socks
Fortissima's Disco Colori yarn,
free pattern from Patternworks
Finished November 11, 2005

First socks
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Circus Socks
Artful Yarn's "Circus," pattern on ball band.
Finished September 15, 2005
One skein made one pair. I worked with what I had -- size 10 DPs, instead of the 11s called for, so these turned out small. Turned out perfect for my MIL, who's birthday was coming up and who has tiny feet. Thanks to my SP4, Cece, for the yarn!

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Baby hat & booties
Knit Picks Shine Twist
Finished August 28, 2005

With the successful turning of my first heel (yay me!) I turned to an old pattern (meant for Adrafil Jumping yarn) and quickly knit up this set (previously I'd only braved the hat). Unfortunately, because I substituted yarn (Knit Picks' Shine Twist, AMAZINGLY soft & great for baby stuff), my gauge was quite loose and got looser as I worked, so one bootie turned out bigger (!) than the other (artfully hidden here...ya right). So technically, this is my first pair of finished socks (still working on my second adult sock), but they're a little off.

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Fairy Socks
My own pattern, regular sock yarn,
size 0000 needles (no kidding!)
Finished August 11, 2005 and
donated to the Urban Fairy residing at Sweetwaters Cafe
in downtown Ann Arbor, MI
Update: Mentioned in the Washington Post article on
the fairy doors of A2!

Oscar hat & scarf
Plymouth Stone Cotton, Plymouth Yarns pattern
Finished March 16, 2005

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Cup Cozy,
pattern by Mariko,
via MagKnits
finished February 2005

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The Afghan, due Christmas Eve 2004,
gifted February 14, 2005 (oops) to inlaws
Knitted with Lion's Brand Wool-Ease
Pattern from Yarn Girl's Guide to Simple Knits

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Hubby's hat
Ann Norling's "Any Gauge, Any Hat" pattern
Old Rowan yarn (dark grey)
Finished November 2004, gifted Christmas Day
(yay me!)

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Plymouth Encore, two strands held together
Finished October 2004

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Burly Spun/Italian Blue scarf
with #35 needles (!)
Finished October 2004

Bulky scarf Posted by Hello

W.U.S. (World's Ugliest Scarf)
The (crocheted) scarf that started it all...
Spring 2004
...then I decided to try knitting again!

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