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Saturday, March 26, 2005

A decent night of cropping

The last time I said I was "off to crop" I didn't actually get to crop, due to a registered-croppers-only event at the store that night. I was just back from vacation and forgot to check the store calendar. Another lesson learned.

I've decided this year I need to scan my layouts as soon as I finish them; I'd like to have all of my album pages on a backup CD. Not that it's the ideal image ("stitching" 12x12 layouts together with scanner software creates dark vertical lines on the final image), but at least if anything happens to my albums, I've saved all that hard work somewhere.

Larger, more clear images can be seen here.

You'd think I'd be tired of Disney Princesses by now. Almost.

Cinderella's Royal Table Posted by Hello

I had so much fun with 3-D Jolee's stickers and flat Sandylion/Disney stickers on this one. I mount the flat stickers on cardstock, cut them out, then put a pop dot under them to give them the same 3-D look as the Jolee's. That's an idea from my favorite idea book, Pinecone Press' Tag and Eyelet Book. I've had this one a few years and I'm always referring to it, mostly for reminders of how to do different things with stickers. You're always tempted to just throw them on the page, which can lead to the "sticker sneeze" effect: stickers all over the place with no dimension or order.

I found a new book last night that I kept "visiting" as I cropped: Memory Maker's Tags Reinvented. It was a bit pricey at $20 but I get an awesome discount (25%) as a "V.I.P." member at my local scrapbooking store. A $15 purchase seemed much more justifiable. I've been pouring over it all morning and have a ton of new techniques I'm looking forward to trying out. I like that it focuses on techniques, one by one, and shows "in progress" photos of certain techniques. No ads, either. That's what drives me insane with most of Creating Keepsakes' books.

And tags are a great way to experiment with new techniques in small doses, instead of trying to apply mesh, dimensional glue, distracting collage layers, etc. etc., to an entire page or layout.

Ariel and Belle pictures Posted by Hello

Kind of tricky with two different Princess color schemes, but it worked out okay, with Ariel's red hair and Belle's blue dress colors crossing over on each page.

Two Disney layouts down, two to go...but most likely not until next weekend. Resume knitting, everyone.


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