"Whatever shall we do in that remote spot? Well, we'll write our memoirs. Work is the scythe of time." --Napoleon Bonaparte, on his way into exile.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Crane Awakening

This is the first morning all week I woke up without the sound of sandhill cranes flying overhead. Crazy as their call is (you'll hear it when you go to the site above - like windmills that need a serious oiling), it was comforting. A sound of spring.

If someone were to ask me what cartoon character I most resemble (yes, I have no transition for this next subject), Shelleyness has already answered that for you: Smithers (I really miss Shelley, BTW. Ah well, babies do that to you). I don't come out well in these comparisons (see: Nellie Olsen, yesterday). But then again, if I'm Shelley's Smithers, that makes her Burns, so it evens out.

And so it was with typical Smithers adoration that I followed the crowd when Yarn Harlot put up a link for Take Back The Knit. I just got my copy yesterday. I love zines. And mail, so it was a double thrill. I might even submit something for Jae's next knitting zine, I'm that inspired.

I'm also hungry, because I ordered up her vegan/freegan zine, Ripe (#2) as well. My curiousity was piqued because it's a winter issue, and it can be hard to cook with fresh veggies in the winter. She's got terrific pantry-stocking advice in it, which I can easily fulfill living in Ann Arbor, hippie ground zero (I kid because I love).

I'm looking forward to testing some of these recipes out on my inlaws. My MIL cooks vegan for my FIL, who has been ill with advanced prostate cancer going on 3 years now. I think he is surviving due to her diligence with a vegan diet.


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