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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Paper bag scrapbooks and magic mermaids

These are wildly popular right now. Only problem is, they are very, very, very NOT acid free. Yup, in about a year all that hard work will crumble into dust. Haha, not really, but it does make me think twice about making one. Then again, there's a wonderful sense of creative freedom allowed with such a temporary medium. If you screw up, it won't really matter, will it?

Here's another, more colorful, CTMH-related paper bag book link: Brenda Harmless' instructions involve cutting off the bottoms of the bags. Not sure of the advantages, but seems like a slimmer alternative. That would be important when it comes to sewing together the binding.

Mom called yesterday, she thought to visit another knit shop in Florida and they had a skein of Velvet Touch in my dye lot! Good thinking, Mom!! Oh, and they have some very beautiful Magic Friends of the Sea to knit, in a kit. Hmm...well, now I'll have enough Velvet Touch left over to make one of Kate's bunnies (got the pattern last week). Once I see how knitted toy-making goes, I may give that kit a try.


  • At 8:09 AM, Blogger um said…

    hi denise! thank you soooooooo much for the wonderful yarn! it's beautiful. i love the way it feels - it's very lightweight, but also very thick. i love it! thank you!

    the beatles postcard is just as awesome! thanks!

    i'm so glad your mom was able to find another shop with your yarn. i can't believe it was the same lot number. that's incredible! go mom!

    have a great day, and thanks again! :)


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