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Thursday, March 24, 2005

PSSO I love you; Five Questions

Tess' sweater back - done! Posted by Hello

I stayed up until 11:30p last night, so entranced by the K1, PSSO, K1 and K2tog routine was I. I gave up with about 18 rows to go, thinking it would take me another hour or so to finish it up. Forgetting, of course, that the further I went, the less stitches I had to work with. D'oh! So it only took me 20 minutes this morning to finish.

My first-ever sweater back! Does it always stay this exciting? Or am I just a big knitting dork?

I stopped by the shop last night and was surprised to see Lynne workin' her drop-in knittin' thang. (yes, dearie, I will get to your questions in a sec!) Gotta love antibiotics. It's good she's up and about, even if she does hate my green hat my green hat made her mad (I hate the word hate, why did I use it? Twice?!) I hated (there I go again!) was mad that the fushia fizz Velvet Touch they had on hand was nowhere close to matching the dye lot I have (it's way duller than mine), so, we're even. At least they have an ordering staff who MIGHT be able to do a shop swap and get me JUST ONE MORE skein of the right dye lot (color 1216, lot 5313, if anyone out there might know of another resource that could help me. Just in case). I might be able to finish this up without it, but I had to go down 3 needles sizes to get gauge, so I have a sinking feeling I might need that security skein.

Sent off my swatch to Mom this morning, so that she can take it in to the shop in Punta Gorda and see for herself that that last skein I left behind (lesson learned!) isn't still there. She said the gal on the phone wasn't very enthusiastic or helpful, so Mom offered to go there again (yeah, big sacrifice, Mom, haha) and check it out. Who knows, maybe that the girl on the phone only took a cursory glance and that last fushia fizz skein is sitting waaaay in the back/bottom of the bin.

So, Lynne's questions. Here's the deal...If you would like to participate in this blogging phenomenon, follow these simple steps:

1. Leave me a comment saying “interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions here. They will be different questions than the ones below.
3. You will update YOUR blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Here's my answers, Oh Great Drop-In One:
  1. What is your all-time favorite book?
    I have to pick just one?! Impossible. I loved all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books as a child, and Charlotte's Web, then moved on to Watership Down, stopped reading in high school (AP English will do that to you, although I loved Return of the Native for reasons that are lost to me now), then have had such a steady diet of good books since my early twenties that it would be hard to pick one. Phillipa Gregory made me love historical fiction with The Other Boylen Girl. I can finish anything Rosamund Pilcher writes in about 2 days (though I hate hesitate to finish her books). And, I have very fond memories of Loon Feather, since it takes place on my favorite island, Mackinac, and has some fantastic Michigan native history (a female lead character is always most intriguing to me, too).
  2. Describe the coolest thing you ever knit.
    So far, my cup cozy always makes me smile!
  3. What character from children's literature do you most identify with?
    Nellie Olsen. Yup, the snotty blonde girl. Although my father never owned a general store and we were never rich. I always get cast (mainly in musicals) as the snotty girl/mean lady. Go figure. Oh, and Wilbur the pig always pulled at my heartstrings. How's that for confused?
  4. Would scrapbooking be a good way for me to get organized? Or is it the short path to the loony bin for the chronically disarrayed?
    Oh, that is the shortest of shortest paths, m'dear. Just get a photo box (you can get some decorative ones at JoAnn's or Michael's) and start sorting to your liking -- by kid, by years, by events, whatever floats your boat. Write some thoughts down on index cards as you go through the pictures (if anything comes to mind). The journey of a thousand miles...
  5. If I gave you a ball of cotton yarn would you make a couple of dishcloths for project Scrubbie?
    Hey! You already asked this question! Aw, that's okay. Actually, I have some green cotton left over from my Oscar hat & scarf...
    >>insert evil laugh<<
    --alas, it has acrylic in it. Would that do?
    Either way, the answer is yes, of course. Because I donated to the American Red Cross just SECONDS before Yarn Harlot started Knitters Without Borders, and I'm still feeling left out.

    Especially if the scrubbie involves a PSSO.


  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger freddyknits said…

    To answer your question, yes, it always stays this exciting, and yes, you are a big knitting dork. Who says the two have to mutually exclusive?

    Just to set the record straight, I didn't say I hated your green hat - I said it made me *mad* because it reminded me of my ungrateful teenager who lost the similar hat (and matching scarf) he demanded I make for him last fall. There's a big difference. I actually quite admire your green hat, and it was even more green and admirable in person.

    Nice seeing you last night. Let's figure out a way for me to deliver the cotton to you. I will track down a pattern that has lots of PSSOs for you - sound good?

  • At 4:04 PM, Blogger um said…

    hi denise! i agree with freddyknits, it does always stay exciting. yours looks awesome! i hope you have some luck finding the right lot number somewhere. i had that happen to me, and i didn't manage to get the same lot number, but i did get one close to mine, and it worked out fine, if that's any help.

    have a great weekend!

  • At 4:37 PM, Blogger Denise said…

    The editor has been edited...see, I CAN dish it out and take it! Thanks, Lynne ;)


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