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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Knitting without points

The things you'll do to keep a sick (again) toddler amused. Just like me (as a child), she loves munching on uncooked pasta. But her idea of "knitting" involves unwinding an entire ball of yarn, so I combined the two tasks and tried to teach her to knit today. Her dad will be happy to note it did not involve any life-threatening sharp objects (yes, he puts knitting needles in that catagory...sigh).

(a.k.a using uncooked fettuchini noodles)Posted by Hello

Not that she was able to get the hang of it, but it kept her occupied for a whole minute. Enough to get the spaghetti sauce turned on and the noodles stirred.

The only downfall... Posted by Hello

Tess had a 101 fever last night, and again this morning. No vomiting, though, thank goodness. A tickly cough that came and went, nothing chesty or serious. But after being allowed to play outside nearly all day yesterday, being trapped indoors today was a bit more than she (or I!) could take.

Oh, yes, you might notice that Cinderella is so last month! She got a new princess outfit for Easter. The Cinderella ballgown was more like a rag, so I was happy to make the switch. She really wanted a Belle outfit, but there were none to be found anywhere. Snow White was close enough, as it has a yellow "golden" skirt. Thank goodness she didn't go for the Sleeping Beauty costume, that involved long net sleeves that would have lasted about a day.

We gardened together yesterday. Sixty degrees, wha-hoo! Fever later, boo.

Tonight was a (brief) night off for me; I picked up the new You Grow Girl book at Nicola's. Highly recommended (the book, not necessarily the bookstore. Independently owned, good; owner "issues," bad. I frequent it only because it's nearby...long story).

The YGG site was my home page for a while but I've discovered the Garden Web forums. I start with such enthusiasm every year but always fall apart with unanswered questions, so I'll be over at the GW forums a lot, asking away. I've "inherited" -- read: bought a house with -- perennial gardens up the wazoo, which I was promised by my home inspector would need no maintenance; she lied. They are monstrosities of maintenance, and, curbed by my lack of knowledge and fear of bees & wasps (helpful little garden visitors, actually), I get overwhelmed every year.

This year I'm taking it slow. I want to get stuff cleaned up early and then just get out of the way. I have some flowers started indoors from seed, some new plant ideas (marigolds, onions) that should help with the nastier pests, and some plants that will actually attract Those That Should Not Be Named (even if they are helpful), which will be planted FAR AWAY from my back door flower garden, directing TTSNBN away from my acute peripheral vision. It's a start.


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    Your daughter looks adorable in her costume!


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