"Whatever shall we do in that remote spot? Well, we'll write our memoirs. Work is the scythe of time." --Napoleon Bonaparte, on his way into exile.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Creative Books

I've created (yet another) blog for all the books I read: Creative Books. Omigosh, that's a beautiful template, isn't it? Shoulda called it Books in Exile, but I never really liked "exile" anyway; it just came to me as I was creating this site. Onward.

Susie has been sharing her completed cross stitch projects; it reminds me of all the supplies I have for cross stitching and how I used to enjoy that craft (plus, Susie uses the same Blogger template as mine for her cross stitch site, so I have to love her). Lo and behold, I got an email from DMC this morning, and found their new shopping site to be full of bargains: DMC-USA. I have been wanting to try their Linea embroidery line, and the beginner's kit is a STEAL ($40 down to $15.95). Serendipity.

It's February! Yay! The countdown to Florida begins...we've been marking a calendar with stamps as the days go by, because the moment we mentioned that we were going to Florida (two weeks ago), Tess began asking EVERY MORNING, "Are we going to Florida today?" and then announcing with great excitement, "We are going to Florida today!" Uh, not yet, sweetie. But soon.

I went to my first Stitch-n-Bitch meeting Monday night, at The Chocolate Cafe. Props to Lynne for (finally) hooking me up with the right Yahoo group! I'm on a number of Yahoo lists for knitters but had only heard rumors of a SnB one. The Meet Up group seems to have died, or maybe the weather is just keeping people home. I did meet with those gals yesterday afternoon (the organizer, Lisa, has been trying to get a day group going). It was just Lisa and Julie and me, and it was rather far for me (Ypsilanti), but Tess behaved and I got a bit more done on my Irish Hiking Scarf.

There were only 2 gals at the SnB group on Monday as well, but it was the first time they tried that day of the week. Apparently there is quite a SnB group that meets on Wednesdays, the same evening that the Meet Up group has been trying to get together. The SnB group meets on Thursdays, too, so I could conceivably get out every day/night of the week to knit!

Who knows, maybe everybody will converge and we can all meet on Wednesdays. The Chocolate Cafe could use the business, they're in a difficult location in Ann Arbor. I liked attitude of the SnBers I met Monday night; they have been meeting at Starbucks but wanted to switch locations "get away from the corporate atmosphere." Apparently, though, that is causing a problem for the Yahoo group leader, as she wants to stick with Starbucks for tonight. I am all for supporting local businesses, especially one that makes a most excellent hot chocolate. And keeps offering free refills!


  • At 5:06 PM, Blogger um said…

    hey, hooray for the new snb group! knitting's awesome enough as it is, but spending time with other knitters is even more so. and hooray for florida! are you going to orlando? i hope you have an awesome time, whenever you go!

    re: keane - i won't put it in mp3 format, if that would help. let me know! :)


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