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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Happy thoughts

mmm...cables Posted by Hello

Cruising along on the Irish Hiking Scarf. Cabling is so soothing. Just eight rows and I'm back full-circle. The Cotton Fleece is lovely, soft and thick. Perfect. And no curling, thanks to the pattern's garter-stitch edge. It's a keeper.

And this made me laugh this morning. Who knew llamas were just like toddlers? I followed the link from Freddy's Llama-along link, which I have to think hard about before joining. I still have my first sweater (back only, so far) on needles, which I am dying to get to, and I just bought/set aside yarn for my first cardigan (black, Cascade 220) from this book (the garter-stitch edged cardigan on page 101). I have been looking for ages for a solid black winter cardigan to throw over...well, everything, and I since I've learned to knit, why not just make one, right? The fact that the shop had exactly the number of skeins I needed was the sign I was looking for.

I need happy stuff, because I got some sad news from an ex co-worker yesterday. I emailed her some silly stuff last week, which she almost always responds to, so when I didn't hear from her I feared the worst. Sure enough, she finally emailed me back yesterday and told me she (and two others, basically the school appearance team) got the ax.

I called her right away (around 10p) and the first thing she said was "you finally read your email!" We're going to get together next week (sans managers) with some other former co-workers and help her cry in her beer (or gin and tonic...this place makes a mean g&t).

It makes me glad I didn't get together with the ex-editor just after the holidays. I understand she's just a managerial pawn in this latest turn of events, but everyone is getting treatment I should have been offered, namely unemployment. But that's a whole story I've been trying to put behind me for a year now, and I have to let it go.


  • At 7:07 AM, Blogger Lauren said…

    Hey Denise :) Lovely cable scarf! It is very pretty in that winter white.

    I wish you friend the best--never makes you feel good to get "the ax".


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