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Saturday, January 22, 2005

What's For Dinner: I hate fish fish

I really hate fish (although I love seafood), yet somehow I recently came up with a recipe that is bearable to me. It was one of those moments when I bravely bought fish and came home to a weird mix of ingredients in my pantry (including the classic, I Have No Idea Which Recipe I Bought This For: Coconut Milk -not the "lite" stuff, either) and threw them together, thinking it sounded...right.

And lo, it was.

I Hate Fish Fish
I put aluminum foil over a broiling pan for easy clean-up. I've tried poaching fish in a variety of liquids and it still tastes fishy. Blech. You will need:

As many evenly-sized (small to medium) filets as you & yours will eat (I usually cook 3, Tess loves fish, go figure) of a light-tasting fish such as Orange Roughy or Tilapia (my personal favorite).

Coconut Milk (I suppose you could use Lite, but it's pretty runny. The regular stuff is like butter. No, really, spreadable - like butter). Spread this over the fish filets.

Sprinkle on top:
bread crumbs (go easy)
dried basil
dried ginger
sweetened coconut flakes (easy on this one, too, it burns like paper)

Unhook the smoke alarm (at least at my house. I can't broil a THING without the damn smoke alarm going off. Any hints? Let me know).

Broil at about 500 degrees, second rung down (not too close- see? I try) for just under 10 minutes.


My party went okay. People trickled in late so I never really got the whole intro-thing started. We just fell into conversation. I really need to open with the usual: thanks to the hostess, put down your catalogs and STOP TALKING, here's a project we're going to do (and then do it, myself, all the way through). Problems arise when people don't understand I have the floor. And that's my own fault. Yeah, being assertive, that's my strong point, snort.

Carrie had six people after all, including my buddy Ella, who MADE the party. Before she placed her order, I had a grand total of $64.65 in sales. Yup, five people ordered about $12 each. That's one paper pack. I'd say that's pretty lame but they were mostly housewives, and I know what my budget is as a housewife. I'd try to order at least $25 worth, though. I mean really. $12. I'd want to at least make the shipping and handling worthwhile, not to mention help out the hostess with her party rewards.

But with Ella's order, and Karen's outside order, the total came closer to $280. I've learned not to order anything for myself, especially as I'm only making 10% commission as a Junior Consultant and I've already put out $50 in supplies for the party.

But hurrah, now I'm a full-time consultant again (as soon as I write my nyah-nyah letter to corp). Hopefully I can get a few more parties under my belt in April (and July...and October...) and keep that status for the rest of the year.


  • At 5:27 PM, Blogger um said…

    aww, i'm sorry about the letdown with the low orders you had. at least you a) learned something about the party as a whole - demand that floor!) and b) raked in enough outside orders to make it worth your while.

    i appreciate the fish recipe. i like fish, but if it's fishy, then i have to throw it out - yuck. no one else in the house likes fish but me, so if i throw it out, it really IS a waste! this sounds pretty yummy, though. oh, and our alarm goes off when we broil, too. i thought it was just me. glad to see i'm in good company :)

  • At 11:47 AM, Blogger Susie said…

    Maybe you could hold off giving them the catalogs until after the demonstration?

    Glad you got some orders!


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