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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

We're VIPs. Who knew.

Chocolate Fountain
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I'm participating in a Picture A Day challenge over at ScrapVillage...don't know how I stumbled upon it, but I happened to have taken pictures on the 1st AND 2nd and decided to join in.

This is our picture from yesterday. Tess has been looking forward to attending Weber's VIP part just for their chocolate fountain (me too, actually...that, and the free spiked eggnog). E is has had a Frequent Diner (aka the "Frequent Feeder") card there for so long, they really need to issue him a new one. His original one is in shreds.

He goes there two or three times a week for their lunch buffet, and we took everyone there for Ben's baptismal brunch over Thanksgiving weekend because it's awesome (and cheaper than Gandy Dancer, which is more awesome -- awesomer? -- but ex-PAHN-sive, as my friend Gabrielle would say).

So far I've had no trouble remembering to take a picture or coming up with different picture ideas, but it's early yet. I created the album cover last night (found an 8x8 album at Hancock Fabrics, which has one. stinking. carousel. of scrapbooking stuff), and that took me an hour and a half. Geez. I'd better come up with a simple layout idea for each day, or this is never going to get done.

Speaking of gittin 'er done, I finally took a picture of Ben that (somewhat) matches one I took of Tess on the changing table at the exact same age. If it weren't for the Princess in Training onesie, I wouldn't be able to tell my own babies apart.

Or is that just me?

Side by Side at 2 Months
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