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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

He's not heavy...

He's not heavy...
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At least Tess is sweet with HIM. With us, not so much...

I know it's natural. She's testing our every limit. She no longer plays on her own for very long (unless it's at the upstairs sink). She wants us to play with her every spare second. She asks 30 times a day, "when will Daddy be home?" then when he gets here she pesters him so that he can't relax. She's not much fun to be with right now.

I've lost my cool on more than one occasion. E is not the kind to ever, ever raise his voice, so he is perplexed by my outbursts. But some days, after dealing with her attitude all day, I can't listen to another second of it.

On top of it all, everyone (except me) has been sick. I thought being sick while pregnant (as I was for 2 weeks in July, losing my voice for 3 days), would render some immunity to little Ben, but alas. He is sniffling, snorting, and coughing (!) along with Tess and E.

Tess reached some sort of boiling point last night. She had such a severe headache she was screeching in pain. At first she refused to take any Tylenol, but finally she couldn't stand it any more. Five minutes after taking it, she was collapsed on the couch, fast asleep, at 7:30p at night. She slept through the night, believe it or not.

She was much sweeter this morning. Hopefully we've turned a corner.


  • At 12:52 PM, Blogger sUsAn said…

    I'm sorry that things have been rough with Tess lately. Hope things improve soon. Maybe a little one on one time with just mom or dad? My dh planned a special outing with each of our kiddos this past summer and it was so much fun for them. The planning was part of the fun and anticipation too. Just a thought! Hope you all get well soon too!


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