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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lovely Ladies and The Sock That Sucks

Before you get all impressed with my current sock obsession, please note that the following is supposed to be for a newborn:

Le sock
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Tess is three. On the plus side, she said it was comfortable and "warm!" However, not to distract you from the fact that these are waaaay too big, may it also be noted that she has freakishly large feet for a 3 year-old. Hmm...where did she get those from? :D

Now, watch out, I have The World's Ugliest Couch, also tied for first place as The Most Distracting Background for a Photo, Ever:

Le sock wearer
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Looks thrilled, doesn't she? I had to promise to read her that book she's holding in order to get her to put on the sock. Last night we were at poker, and our hosts threatened their (6 yo) son with "no more books!" if he didn't get back in bed rightnow. I like to think we're raising our kids right (except for the "playing-poker-in-front-of-'em" escape clause). Behave, or no books!

This sock is from the same pattern as The Hat (that I've made about 15 of) (kidding, more like 5). I was so thrilled to figure out heel turning last week at Knit-In, that I wanted to get a quicky project done in between the 6 inches I have to go on my sock until I get to the toe.

So be forewarned, A2Knit-In members, here I come with The Kitchener Stitch Question on Tuesday...

Merci ladies 1
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In other creative news, I finally realized the value of card swaps. I get a stash of cards for my own use (and to learn new techniques from). Alas, they are not my cards, but they are handmade cards, good to go. All I have to do in exchange is make 6-10 of the same card (which is rhythmic, and soothing) and send them out to Omi.

We always do a French-themed swap, and try to use stamps from Fran (although those I used here are from Jody Poesy and Cow Town). Last month's challenge was "Black and White." This month we are focusing on techniques, so I choose Packing Tape Transfers. It's a good way to use up some retired Close To My Heart papers and show other stampers the technique.

Basically, you put clear packing tape over patterned paper or laser-printed/photocopied photos (not inkjet prints), soak it in warm water, then peel off the back. The image (of the pattern or photo) is left, somewhat transparent, then you can stamp over it with Stazon or some other solvent-based ink for non-porous surfaces.

Belive me, if you're a stamper, those directions make sense. Now, for her close-up:

Merci ladies 2
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The packing tape makes a glossy surface. Pretty cool.

Finally, in The Land of Good Knitting News:

Back of Yarn Girls sweater
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The back of my Yarn Girls sweater is done! Yay me.


  • At 3:32 PM, Blogger Kimberly said…

    lol.. didn't you think the sock was getting a little big as you were knitting? hee hee

    It looks great on Tess though!


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