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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Guy Who Taught Me to Knit

Warren is opening his own yarn store! How cool is that?!

He emailed us a few weeks ago with a cryptic message about leaving his current job (like, that Friday) with info on what his new contact email would be. Of course I wrote and said, "Is everything okay?" Then didn't hear from him for weeks.

He called me Sunday night and left a voice mail saying he didn't want to tell me in an email (or via voice mail, apparently). Funny, I was thinking about him Sunday afternoon, a bit worried because I hadn't heard back from him. Psychic connection #1...

We finally touched base this a joke, on my first guess I said, "You're opening a yarn store!" Despite his obvious love of photography. Psychic connection #2...

Warren attended the Stitches conference in California in February and said he just HAD to be a part of that energy & excitement. I'm so proud of him, and proud that he's the one who finally got me knitting all those years ago.

It's going to be called Marin Fiber Arts (why do I immediately think of Cheech and Chong? Oh, yeah...), located in San Rafel, California. So I can't go to work for him (it would be a hoot), but I've already offered to make shop samples for him. In exchange for yarn, of course...too bad he won't be carrying Rowan...


  • At 1:56 PM, Blogger Jennie said…

    No ROWAN?! WHAT?! You gotta use your psychic connections and CHANGE THAT.

  • At 11:55 PM, Blogger Warren said…

    Hey you guys. No talking about me behind my back!!

    I stumbled upon your blog by googling for "Marin Fiber Arts". Cool, huh? You are the verry first person to mention me on the web!

    My blog is up and running as of today. Go check it out. It's kinda wordy, but I'm like that I guess. will take you there.

    PS: calm down. eventually I will carry Rowan... just not at first! Requires to much cashola.

    Warren :)


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