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Thursday, June 23, 2005

That SnB Group I've Never Been to...

...had an article done on them in Detroit's Metro Times. At first I was annoyed that Stitch -n- Bitch groups were described as "the younger generation's knitting circle," right after getting a quote from a 21 year-old. But I got my panties out of their knot when I read a little further...they do quote some gals in their "mid" to "late" 30s. And they quote Debbie Stoller, who talks about the growth of knitting as a craft for "women 45 and under." Thought I was gonna have to go gangsta there for a moment...

I joined this Yahoo group, who meet out in Royal Oak, before the most excellent Ann Arbor Knit-In group formed. So I should probably un-join, but I like to keep tabs on the knitting community at large. Who knows, I might end up out there knitting with Ella some time, now that she lives in Troy.

Memory Lane Moment: When I was a student at Wayne State University (back in the "Ancient 80s"), the Metro Times offered free classified ads up to about 30 words or so. My fellow Duranies and I used to post incomprehensible messages to each other about Simon, John, Nick, Andy, and Roger. Yeah, I'm admitting to that. And that my "code name" was Blue Silver. Which sucked, because it took up two words. Good times, good times.


  • At 12:37 PM, Blogger Kimberly said…

    dude.. I was so a Duranie!

    You could not see the paint on my walls (nor my closet doors) for posters of them... mainly Simon & John.. LOL

    too funny


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