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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A First Entry

Just testing my capabilities here...

Baby hat, knit in the round Posted by Hello

Knitting is the ideal craft for someone like me, with a toddler around. And knitting in the round is a no-brainer. I finish one of these hats in about two days.

Today Tess and I are going out to our former childcare provider to get a recipt signed. Joyce works out of her home in the small village where I used to work. She's very chatty, which means Tess will sit in the car while I catch up with Joyce about her son (I think he's still working for a mortgage company and Big Boy, after spending 6+ years getting his degree up north), her 4+ cats (including one who looks exactly like my dearly departed Pudding, and has lived -- so far -- to the ripe old age of 17), and bringing Tess weekly so she "gets used to being in daycare" (not that she needs to, thanks, but we'll discuss it).

Then it's off to the library to sign up for storytime again. I adore our children's librarian; she's a bit hyper but handles the children well, politely dismissing the interruptive ones and keeping her program moving along. I've really missed taking Tess there once a week. I'm learning there are other, more wonderful children's books than the tedious, fact-filled ones I used to edit.

The only other thing that we are not signing up for again is the music & movement class; while I think it was "good" for Tess, she obviously wasn't enjoying it. Also, it was way out in Ann Arbor and I didn't meet up with Moms I'll deal with in the future, when Tess is in school. There's a community ed program for parents and toddlers this fall -- totally new -- there I should meet Moms I will run into regularly.

Oh, and I have to call Kara about her neighborhood playgroup. She's a Mom from the new parenting group Marilyn formed to "join" two groups together; oddly enough, I'm the only one from my original group to "merge," since Bev moved to New Jersey with her twins and Lora is too busy with her Bikram Yoga business to schedule a new group with her twins. It's actually refreshing to be in a group with singletons -- my group was all about twins, obviously, and I didn't qualify. I did enjoy getting to know Bev and Lora, though.

Well, we've got to run. Tess has been VERY patient and is still playing quietly upstairs (I can hear her chatting, to whom or WHAT I don't know) although there may be a mess for me to clean up. I heard the cereal box get turned over, never a good sound from a small child.


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