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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hats & Washcloths

A friend of mine in Finland had a baby (back in March), so I figured it was time to get one of my hats from the bottom of my knitting bag and finish it up. It took me all of a half-hour of serious knitting; all I had to do was the decreases at the top. Tess loves modeling these, unfinished. Perhaps I'll send the photo along with the gift.

knitting model Posted by Hello

It's way too small for her, and she kept poking her finger in the top, saying "There's a hole in it!" like it was some kind of design flaw. I can't wait to teach her to knit.

I just love these little hats. This was my first knitting project last summer, when I took up knitting again after a 15-year absence (being as I produced nothing 15 years ago, except 5 inches of a seed stitch cardigan that drove me over the edge, I should perhaps just say this hat was my "first-ever knitting project," and leave it at that).

It's the project I was working on when I discovered I could knit in the car. As long as the project is in the round, and I don't have to keep looking up and down, I don't get carsick. Reading, crocheting, most anything else: carsick.

I love the yarn for these hats, and everyone at Knit In Tuesday night was admiring it. Adrafil Jumping, from Italy (grr), impossible to find, except for a store up north where I originally got the yarn and hat pattern together. When I take Tess up north next week, I've made plans to go back to that store and stock up. Some compare it to Rowan's Calmer; I wouldn't know, except that I HAVE to have more of it. The red is just gorgeous.

washcloths Posted by Hello

I finished up my washcloth for Lynne's donation to Project Scrubbie at Knit-In. Sorry, Emily, this was the third attempt at a photo and you still had your eyes somewhat closed.

Yes, we both automatically pulled off our glasses for the picture. One thing I've noticed going back through old albums and "re-" scrapbooking things, I really wish I had done this more often. Remember oversized frames with "upside down" arms? Freshman year of high school, I was all over that. Ugh.

I haven't tortured you with scrapbook pages in a while, so, be afraid. Be very afraid. I have a week off while Tess is up north, and I've got some scannin' to do...


  • At 11:52 AM, Blogger Emily said…

    It's a lost cause Denise... The worst time that my eyes were closed in a picture was when I went out to dinner with my boyfriend's parents (this was the 2nd time I met them). My boyfriend's dad kept trying to take a nice picture of us, but for every picture my eyes were shut. Finally he had my look at someone next to him as he took the picture. My eyes weren't shut, but the picture looked weird because I'm not looking at the camera.


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