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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Afghan Strip 2

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Sunday night I figured out that each afghan strip can be broken down into 7 segments. First up, 6 rows of each color, then 2, then 4, then 2 again, then 8, 2, and finally 6 rows again (colors in reverse of the top order). SO! If I started the last strip on Sunday (which I did), I could conceivably be finished with it by Saturday. This leaves me next Sunday to figure out, at the very least, how to put this thing together (not to mention weaving in all those ends, which I may be able to use to sew the strips together...still pondering that...) and get it in some semblance of its final form so that I can put it in a box, wrap it, and present it to my in-laws Christmas Eve.

That doesn't account for the single crochet edging, which I have yet to learn how to do, three times around in three different colors.

I don't know how Yarn Harlot does it. Then again, she's knitting mittens and socks (for the entire Province of Ontario, apparently), not an afghan. Still - never again (yeah, right).

We joined the athletic club I've been wanting to join ever since we first visited it, before Tess was born. We toured the place again when she was quite small (14 months?) and decided it was just too much to consider, yet. E wanted to find other places to play tennis, for free (the operative word when it comes to him relaxing and enjoying himself).

The one-time membership fee is a doozy, and we'll (make that I'll) have to make sacrifices in my budget to meet the monthly dues, but I've been there twice since joining on Sunday and I'm taking full advantage of the fitness assessment (possibly even a couple of sessions with a personal trainer -- more $$), pool (took Tess swimming after my Aqua Aerobics yesterday), luxury locker room, and tomorrow: Women's Drop-in Tennis, for newbies ranked from 2.0-3.0 (I'm a 2.5, yipee me, but that was 3 years ago). E and I have tennis evaluations on Saturday, perhaps I've dropped a half-point (or more), but I'm looking forward to playing again. Hopefully I will get a kind partner and not embarrass myself too much tomorrow morning.

Two words: Child. Care. Again, $, but nominal, and worth it, for 2 hours of peace and exercise a day, three days a week.

A small prize to anyone who can correctly guess my body fat ratio. Here's a hint: it's also a doozy.


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