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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Poncho FINITO!

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I was trying to get Tess into the picture; I don't normally hunch my shoulders like that and GOD FORBID E should take more than one picture. I called my Mom last night as I was binding off, just to say "I'm binding off!" She's so proud; she really helped me with the concept of increasing this time around. I just sent her the picture and I know she'd be happier if Tess were in it with me. Oh well.

At the end, I had too many increases (291 instead of 272, and yes, an odd number was wrong, too), but instead of tearing back 10 rounds to get to the right numbers (it's also 4 inches too long, but I'm tall so I can carry it off), I only tore back to a non-increase round and finished up from there, knitting 2 together at one point to even things up. See? I AM a "Knitting Adventurer." Purists beware.

The varigated yarn hides the pretty increase in front and back, but "in person" you can see it and it turned out well. Varigated yarn hides a lot, but that's not necessarily a bad thing with this (first-time big) project.

I believe I'll always wear this with my star-studded pajama pants, non? Tres stylish, I think.

Oh, and in other news (see yesterday's entry), I took a pregnancy test AGAIN and it is still saying NO. Go figure. So I called my nurse at my OB/GYN's office; she is so helpful and friendly and she really put me at ease. I'm either pregnant and got a bum set of tests, or my hormones are wonky (not unheard of at age 38) and, since I had such a rough time last month with migraines and flow and all that, it might just be a "blip" on my hormonal radar.

So, I'm to take another test in a few days (read: 3 or 4, NOT 1 or 2) and see what's up. After that, numerous options, but hopefully I won't need them.


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