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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Back to business

I am part of the Knitting Blog ring now, so I've got to behave. First, I go off on my NaNo tangent, then I don't update weekly as I am required, so now I've got to update you on my knitting projects. Alas. I have many. Too many.

Weaving hell Posted by Hello

This one is really the only one that matters. The rest of my projects are to amuse me, when I get bored with all the alternating stripes on the afghan (above) that I am making for my in-laws for Christmas. You got that right -- Christmas. Which is why I don't really have time to be amused. As soon as this strip is done (and all those *#%$! ends woven in!), I've got to block it to take out the serious edge curl going on and make two more strips.

I've managed to calm the curl down (on my ugly, dirty carpet...who even THINKS of putting in white carpet in their home?!), and there's a crocheted edge all the way around which is designed to help, but I may just do a garter stitch edge on the other strips to save me the pain of watching it curl as I go...

Deep breath.

"Sockas" Posted by Hello

Check out the quarter for dimension. Self-striping yarn is fun, but the tiny needles may make my eyes cross yet. I'm dreading the start of the second sock, but then again, I won't have a pair unless I face up to the chore of (again) casting on to size 1 needles. Gulp.

This is the sock yarn with a silver thread running through it...Fortissima Colori. It makes me smile, even if it is Italian.

Damn Italians.

Bulky scarf Posted by Hello

NOW check out that quarter (can you even see it?)! These are the size 35 needles (Mom calls them "fence posts") I knit up the OTHER Italian yarn with, combining chunks of Brown Sheep's Burly Spun in black. It's actually super lightweight and a lot of fun to wear. I know, the blue stripes aren't evenly spaced. I started to realize I was going to run out of Burly Spun about half way through. However, the long section of Burly Spun fits across the back of my neck, and when you toss one end over your shoulder, you can't count up the blue sections anyway. They're just there for a bit of decoration. Like a beautiful Italian sports car.

Cup cozies Posted by Hello

I picked up these two skeins on my trip up north to get Tess this past week. There is a great little shop in Tawas - Tawas Bay Yarns - and my Mom has made friends with the owner. Peggy (the owner) helped me find a replacement for the suggested Daletta yarn (which didn't come in very fun colors, as far as I could see!) in this pattern for cup cozies. I would like to try and make one for my sister for Christmas, but, well, see that afghan up there? That's a lot of knitting to get done by December 24th.

So, that over with, back to NaNo News. There is none. I stopped writing last weekend. I'm at a great point in the manuscript and I've really enjoyed the process of turning off my internal editor and just writing, but my plan to either stay up late (after Tess goes to bed at 8:30p) or get up early (say, 5:30a), have been completely wracked by my utter exhaustion in my first trimester of pregnancy. That's right, my dream came true, I have no nausea but it has been substitued by extreme tiredness. I sleep from 9p to 8a, then try and sneak in a 1 to 2-hour nap in the afternoon, while Tess enjoys her quiet time. It's a twilight sort of nap, since I can't really sleep - I have one ear cocked for alarming noises. But she's a good kid, even took her Leap Pad up to her room and closed her door on a couple of occasions. When I asked her why she did that, she said "I don't want to wake you." Is that sweet (and frighteningly advanced, for a 2 1/2 year-old), or what?

I'm feeling so good I went with E last night to play at least one game of doubles in the league where he's a replacement. However, the klutziness of pregnancy (without the bulk, yet) has already begun. Within 2 warm-up strokes (with a partner who did not know the meaning of "warm-up strokes" - he was hitting them at me, instead of to me, from too deep on his side of the court), I swung, missed, and clocked myself in the face with my racquet.

Okay, now that you're done laughing at that image (ask any tennis player, they've all smacked themselves at some point in time) would have been no biggie (just a major owie), if I hadn't tucked in my upper lip for concentration, and cut a hole with my tooth straight through my lip. Good lord, that bled like a mother.

I was ready to spend the evening in ER, but E calmed me down. I rang up our GP's office and the doctor on call let me know she could do something with a kind of "super glue" (instead of stitches) on Monday, that if it were infected, all they could do was give me oral antibiotics once it got red and puffy. Which it didn't. I woke up with an enormous scab this morning, which fell off in the shower, and right now I have a jagged sort of 1/4 inch scar that I'm hoping will heal up neatly (and soon). I have my 20 year class reunion in two weeks. Lovely.


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