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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

NaNo Day 2 and NEWS

You know, they really shouldn't allow pregnant women to test themselves. Because either way, we're a nervous wreck and we're likely to read a single line as a negative, when we need to be looking at whether it's VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL.

In other words, took the test again this morning and YES, I'm a doofus. But I blame it, as always, on the hormones.

I'm only about 4 weeks along at this point, so I'm not shouting it from the rooftops just yet. Waiting to tell my mom in person when I pick her up in Bay City tomorrow. We'll have a nice celebratory lunch there and then we have a stamping class tomorrow in Northville. Glitter! Just what a girl needs.

Speaking of glitter, I finally bought some sock yarn yesterday. Fortissimo "Disco," in muted shades of purple, green, and beige, with a SILVER thread running through it. And yes, I realized I'm behind on sharing projects with you. There's the afghan for my in-laws (curling up horribly in stockinette stitch) and now, the socks. Oh, and that baby hat to finish.

Meanwhile, back at the laptop (on which I am struggling to type my NaNo novel, urrgh, tinystupidlaptopkeyboards !!), I'm blaming today's low word count (1,137) on the equipment switch. But at least I can carry it with me when we go to camp this weekend. And I'll have 4 child-free days to catch up and surpass that 2,000 words-a-day goal of mine and get back on track.

Which reminds me, gotta find a hotel. Sleeping on a mattress in a main cabin with everyone else is no struggle for me, but people may not appreciate me tripping over them on my way to the bathroom oh, 7 or 8 times a night...


  • At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey, congratulations! Start thinking about what colors you want me to make the baby quilt. :)


  • At 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Congrats on the confirmed pregnancy!!!!


  • At 2:07 PM, Blogger kate said…

    Congrats on the pregnancy!


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