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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

City Knits

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Tess was supposed to be gone all weekend and I was to pick her up at my folks yesterday. But she had a pretty solid fever on Friday, so my folks (who had come down to visit) left without her. I had plans with Ella to hang out with her Friday night and all day Saturday, which turned into plans to hang with her all day Saturday.

It was good to go into Detroit, since my NaNo novel will be taking place there. Ella and Dane are renting a house in Highland Park so we hung out in the city all day. First we went to the book sale at the Detroit Public Library's main branch, where I used to hang out on long afternoon breaks between classes at Wayne State. It was great to see it packed on a Saturday, and looks like they are completely up to speed on new technology (although the old library map that lights up by subject area is still my favorite).

I picked up a ton of cookbooks for $1, a couple of simple James Beard books and one on Viennese cooking (Ella thought I said "Vietnamese cooking," which would have been cool to find, too). All that cookbook hunting made me hungry, so we ate at another old stomping ground, Traffic Jam and Snug. Not quite the same experience as when Kris worked there and comped everything but our beverages, but still a good meal. And some really fine Pinot Noir.

Then we headed down (FINALLY) to City Knits, the store I've been hearing so much about. Right off the bat I found the Burly Spun I've been looking for, in black, so the store immediately endeared itself to me. Despite the influence of wine, I managed to only purchase $24 worth of stuff (I was close to $60 at one point, but sobered up in time to check out). I will share the 2-day scarf I made over the weekend in another entry. Suffice to say, the Italians have been subdued.

Then we headed up to Oakland University and picked up a friend of Ella's, stopped back at her house (about an hour, round-trip) and went on to United Methodist Church for a concert Ella had invited me to, Sweet Honey in the Rock. An inspiring ending to my "day off." I got home about 1a Sunday morning.

Now, in other news, I'm about 7-9 days late (yeah, TMI), so I hope to have some news about our "growing" family soon. I took a test last week (when I was only a day or two late) and it came up negative, so who knows what's going on. I'm suspicious because I've not had touch one of the intense nausea I experienced with my first pregnancy, so, keep your fingers crossed.


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    Sounds like a fun day out! Keeping fingers crossed for you...



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