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Sunday, October 03, 2004

What's the spread, Bob?

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Yesterday was Family Fun Day at the Big House (University of Michigan's stadium). E was almost feeling good enough to go -- he came with us as far as Wagner Road before we had to turn around and drop him back off at home. Too bad; it was his idea in the first place.

The morning started out crappy -- cold and rainy -- but once Tess & I were in the stadium, the skies magically cleared and she had a ball running around the field and up the bleacher steps. The shot above was taken from the press room.

I'm drained from a week of patient care; E's been in a lot of pain from his tonsillectomy. I finally got out today to crop for a few hours. Finished all the Saugatuck layouts and worked backwards to start a layout from our trip to the zoo back at the beginning of September. I have to look at my annual album to see what other "holes" I have for the year. I'm always proud to finish an annual book just after the year is over.


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