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Friday, September 10, 2004

Breakfast with Nemo

Good morning Nemo! Posted by Hello

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary. Last year we forgot completely. We were lying in bed, talking, and E asked, "hey, how long have we been married now?" And then simultaneously we said, "Didn't we have an anniversary last week? Whoops!" We're too young for that kind of thing to be happening already. Tonight we're celebrating by getting a babysitter and going out to Ann Arbor's Oktoberfest. Yes, I'm aware it's September. Welcome to Ann Arbor.

As for our trip to Livonia (see yesterday's post), a $25 gift certificate doesn't go far, even with 15% off. I blame it on Tess's love of stickers. Big, $2 sticker sheets with licensed characters on them. Nemo (that's a prize from the Saline Community Fair, eating breakfast with her) and Disney Princesses (there's Ariel and Cinderella by her cup of strawberries). I was able to get refills for my glue dispensers (permanent and repositionable), even though I'm at my wits' end with those things. I think I just need to check my application angle and they MIGHT stop gumming up on me. They really are wonderful tools when they work right.

So I was only able to get myself two fun stamping tools: a stitching guide from Lasting Impressions, and stipple brushes from Judikins. They didn't have ANYTHING that I really wanted, none of the "special effects" from last night's class or Brilliance metallic ink pads or PSX templates (those are getting hard to find).

Now, if I just had some creative time. As in a daughter who naps. Sigh.


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