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Thursday, September 14, 2006

TILT 9/14/06

TILT 9/14/06
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Okay, I'm really posting this on Friday, because that's when I made what's known in our family as "Pa Soup" (after my Italian grandfather, who we always called Pa. Now, it's my Dad's turn to be called Pa by his grandchildren...but the soup name always refers to my maternal grandfather, since it's his family's recipe).

It's a sure sign of fall.

1st hour: boil (on low) 2 beef shanks in full, deep pot of water with 1 large quartered onion, salt, pepper, & paprika.

2nd hour: add celery & carrots

3rd hour: add potato.

I like this best with egg noodles. I always love adding red wine to the soup (when I have some), other folks in my family add ketchup.

Tradition is, we then have a small piece of the shank meat (fallen off and floating around in the soup) and mashed potato with mashed carrot to finish.

It's almost better than chicken soup when you're sick. But only if you drink the broth as hot as you can stand it.


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