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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How To Save A Life

First, read this longish post from my brave friend Becky.

Now, with all the hoopla surrounding Tom Cruise's apology to Brooke Shields (and her acceptance of his apology), I just want to be sure to point out: he hasn't changed his mind about medication for mental health. Which, in my mind, means he is still a tool (and an asshole...and, well, a guy, and guys will NEVER get what women go through in the hormonal changes of childbearing. Period. His Scientology reps need to -- Becky will appreciate this -- shut their pieholes).

My experience three weeks postpartum with Tess, while terrifying, was not nearly as harrowing as Becky's. It is still on my mind, though, as I head towards a second postpartum period. I have my ducks in a row this time, including medication (and the phone number, FINALLY, for a local chapter of Depression After Delivery, a number I so desperately searched for 5 years ago), and I'm not brushing off the possiblity of a second encounter with ppd.

Even if Brooke Shields did escape that bullet her second time around. Isn't she the lucky one?


  • At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Becky Reames said…

    Hey Denise,
    Such a small world isn't it? Women with PPD are just coming out of the woodwork lately. Where were they when we needed them in the past? Well, live and learn and take your meds I guess.


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