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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Russian alphabet practice sheet

Russian alphabet practice sheet
Originally uploaded by CreativeExile.

Joyce at Scottish Borders Stamping (where I ordered a gorgeous plate of Celtic knotwork images in November) recently added Russian stamps in honor of her two adopted children.

I wrote her right away, and said, "If you add Cyrillic alphabet stamps I will love you forever." One of my projects this year is to make a mini-album of E's school photos. I was going to carve my own Russian alphabet stamps (still might, just for the experience; perhaps words instead of individual letters) until Joyce sent her email about her Russian stamps.

She wrote right back and said, "Please send me whatever images and information you have, I'd be happy to learn and create a Cyrillic alphabet set." Yay!

The best images I have are from a 1959 children's book we found at the Chelsea Antique Fair a couple of years ago. It also has some great vintage images I'm planning on scanning in to use in E's album.

Only thing is, as a practice sheet, there are many extra small letters, and that's confusing. So, I consulted the in-house Russian...


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