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Friday, December 30, 2005

Many moons ago

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I cut out this wall quilt 13 years ago. I never had a machine, didn't get my grandmother's machine until just a few years ago, and hand piecing annoyed me. So, into a box the pieces went. Thirteen years ago.

The 1953 machine sounds like an airplane taking off, and I never could get the tension right, so it's been in the cabinet and will stay there, especially now that I have my snazzy new machine (a Kenmore 15212) on top of it.

Anyway, it took me all of two days (and several lessons learned) to put this together. Lesson number one: No amount of pressing can make up for poor pinning. Lesson number two: Anything sewn can be ripped out. Lesson number three: ...the sooner the better.

I've always said I get along with both Spartans and Wolverines because my university colors were maize and green. I choose gold and green to go with the black and gold (stars background) because I was still all rah-rah for Wayne State back in 1993. I also thought blue and gold celestial stuff was overdone at the time.

I picked up black batting at Country Stitches the other day. It might darken the gold a bit, but at least it won't glare through the darker materials. I'm planning on quilting it with black thread (I have plenty of gold left over for the backing fabric) around the moons and along the "ditches," so the back should look interesting, too.


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