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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Stash at last

Now, Jen came up with the caption for this one. She had to knit it for the shop, so she can call it whatever she wants, because she got paid for it!

Rockin the Ugly Shrug Posted by Hello

I see our Knit In group site uses Flickr, not Hello, and I've completely forgotten how to post photos through Blogger (off to figure it out as soon as I'm done with this post), so I decided to post it here for now.

After my trip up north (good lord, a couple of weeks ago now...sorry about that), I discovered I now have STASH. Something I swore I would never have. Here's how it goes:

  • 4 skeins Peter Pan/Wendy yarns' Velvet Touch in Raspberry Fizz, for Tess's Pink Fluffy Cloud sweater (all over but the finishin')
  • 9 skeins Cascade black wool for cardigan (pour moi)
  • 14 skeins "old" Rowan wool/cotton (the seed stitch sweater begun 12 years ago, and abandoned after 5 inches) PLUS --
  • 8 (?) (holy cow sheep! I've lost count!) skeins Silk Tweed by Elspeth Lavold, to be combined with above for Yarn Girls' hooded V-neck sweater
  • 3 skeins (1,320 yards) soft, creamy (-colored, and textured) sport-weight merino I bought up north from the woman who raised the sheep it grew on, for who-knows-what project (most likely a shawl). This is where I cross the line into "stash," when I buy yarn for which I have no project...)
  • 3 skeins Adrafil Jumping, which apparently I can only get at Yarns to Go in Alpena (trust me, I've looked just about everywhere else in Michigan!), for 3 future baby hat gifts (pink, denim blue, and red, just to be safe)
  • 6 (!) skeins of Unspeakable Acrylic, for a self-designed sweater I'm creating as I go. Yes, acrylic, but the colors are wonderful and even if the design turns out terrible, at least I have that. I'm not going to waste quality yarn on my Guinea Pig Project. That'll happen if my measurements and calculations turn out something wonderful.
  • 10 (and counting...) skeins Rowan Summer Tweed, in various colors for the Kaffe Fassett stole (not afghan, sorry) featured in Rowan Magazine #37. Fifteen different colors required, 24 skeins in all to be purchased. I even let my buddy Ella buy me 2 skeins of color #537, Summer Berry, in lieu of gas money for driving her around shopping when her car broke down last week. I am now officially Shameless.

This doesn't mention works in progress, of which I have several. Including two Irish Hiking Scarves, which I've put away for the summer, and my first pair of socks, in Fortissima Disco Colori (or something Italian like that).

Well then, off to knit and reduce my stash.


  • At 1:43 PM, Anonymous KarenD said…

    I think having a stash is an integral part of being creative. Of course I do, since otherwise I'd have a hard time justifying my full to overflowing fabric closet. :)

  • At 10:43 AM, Blogger Jennie said…

    Stash is good. I love my stash. Now that Dan's gone, I might start sleeping in it. No, not really.

    I don't see why you can't use Hello for the Knit-In site. Hello was being really really stupid a few months back, so I switched to flickr, which, frankly, is easier to use than Hello, and is online, so you don't need to download anything. It's also really easy to post to multiple blogs using it.


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