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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Silly ole girl

Sorry, I've had way too much fun taking pictures of Tess this weekend. She's really been testing boundaries lately so the sillyness and girlyness is a welcome relief.

Yuk Posted by Hello

First, we've had a taste for our toes. E thought this would be a pretty risque shot, but we have full (ahem - actually empty) diaper coverage here. Besides, look at that expression on her face while she munches away! (after I just asked her to stop...)

Barre fly Posted by Hello

She is really into her fairy dress and (numerous) tutus, as well as music and dancing, so when a ballet barre was requested (after reading a book about a girl who's father sets one up in her room), Daddy jumped to the task and had one up by sunset. We're still contemplating the idea of having a mirror on the wall across from her bed...

Now, if I could just get her to play another CD besides Nutcracker. Or I'm gonna crack.

Sweetness and light Posted by Hello

The dress-up obsession continues with some tulle left over from a holiday gift: a (you guessed it) tutu her cousin made for her. Tess put the leftover material on her head but it wouldn't stay on until Mom came up with the Bridal Crown Solution. I forgot flowers as well, but we soon put that right.

Hippo/Diego Posted by Hello

I've been putting this yellow hippo in Tess's bed since she was an infant, in hopes she would pick it as her lovey. She fell in love with tutus instead, which worked out well, portability-wise. But lately she has taken to mothering the hippo (which always seems to be crying, for some reason) and even named it "Diego" after the sabertooth cat character in Ice Age. Funny, because I've had a secret crush on Denis Leary for years...

Just don't eat my yogurt, please! Posted by Hello

Mom brought her dauschund, Abby, down with her this weekend. Despite Tess's fear that Abby will eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner right out of her hand (Abby is now on the "Don't YOOK at me!" list), when the heat comes on under my kitchen sink, they are right there together sharing in the warmth.

And yes, the fairy costume came with wings.

At least Abby asks nicely Posted by Hello

Hard to see Abby in the background here, but she can sit up and beg until you fall over. Even if it is only homemade playdough.

Basket case Posted by Hello

I always panic when Tess gets quiet. This time she managed to climb up onto our bed, dragging her Dora blanket, a pillow, Diego, and an empty toy box (her "canopy") with her to snuggle up and look out the window. Whew.

If you can stand it, tomorrow (or whenever I next post), I have pictures from the Fisher Building in downtown Detroit. Yes, I dragged Mom to City Knits. But I never had a chance to look around - I was too busy chasing down Tess.


  • At 10:04 AM, Blogger sUsAn said…

    Oh, what a cutie your little girl is! I love it that my girls are "girlie" and like dancing and dressing up. We love homemade palydough here too! Timothy has discovered that it doesn't taste too bad either! (oh no!)Have a fun day with Tess!

  • At 8:57 AM, Blogger um said…

    Those are precious pictures! My daughter has a fascination with eating her toes, too, but mostly it's just toenails. How gross is that?!

    It looks like little Tess brings lots of fun to life. How wonderful!


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