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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New CTMH stuff

New CTMH stuff
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FINALLY, something to be excited about, Close-To-My-Heart-wise. I have pretty much given up my business, since I hate doing home parties (v. expensive for the consultant, don't ya know) and haven't been able to keep up with all of their "innovative changes" (read: I don' t have the money to keep buying new stuff).

But, at last, a few new things I can focus on, for myself. If the business follows (next year, maybe, I gave up my CTMH website in Dec 05), great. I'm starting to hang with a regular group of croppers in Chelsea, and joined a Stampin Up monthly stamp club (not that I have any intention of pushing my product there, that would be rude), but I'm starting to be more regular about my scrapbooking and meeting women with similar interests. If I can get excited about new CTMH stuff, maybe I can pass it along.

So...there's storage boxes for my acrylic stamp sets (the boxes are HUGE, and just what I need to organize my growing collection), the "newer" (introduced last year) layout guide, "Cherish" (I am addicted to layout sketches, this one has 50 of them), 3 new ink colors ( inkpads...too big for my current storage system), and new papers...a close up on those down below.

Now if I could just get my new fall catalog...this is where CTMH really falls down. They think they are building excitement over it, when they are really just building consultant AND customer frustration. I picked up the new SU catalog in July, for pete's sake! And the poor ladies at the CTMH booth at Auntie Amy's this past weekend were still pushing Summer frustrating for them.

I could go on about the numerous product defect issues CTMH has had, introducing new "innovative" things, but I want to try and stay on a positive vibe here.

Off to try out my new stuff.


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