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Monday, June 12, 2006

Side-by-Side Samplers

Side-by-Side Samplers
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As if I didn't have enough creative projects brewing (is it a new nesting instinct? at only 6 months?!), I've started a Welcome Baby sampler for the new arrival.

The Rocking Horse in Farmington, the only remaining cross stitch/embroidery store around (anyone remember Connie's Corner Stitchery in Northville?), had its semi-annual sale (20% off everything in the store, 20% off framing) this past weekend and I made the effort to drive out there and choose a pattern, since I didn't want to do the one I did for Tess again (on the left here, vital info blurred out badly) and all my baby patterns are circa 1989 or so (I HATE backstitching or anything too "cutesy").

That place is so inspirational...floor to ceiling samples of GORGEOUS embroidered and cross-stitched projects, in the flesh -- not copies. REAL embroidered, matted, and framed work. Stunning, and worth the drive.

I finished the border for the new sampler in 2 evenings of stitching. God, I love variegated thread! It's on hand-dyed 14-count Aida fabric I picked up at Stitches In Bloom (the other known existing embroidery store in Michigan -- this one all the way up north). It's dyed to look like sky, and I've been wanting to use it. The rainbow-colored, hand-dyed silk thread (Waterlilies, from Italy) is perfect. Inside will be "Welcome Baby" and vital info, just like for Tess. I wanted something simple because I just don't have time to do anything as detailed (or more so) as Tess's.

Hers took me most of my pregnancy to finish (except for the vital info, of course). I JUST got it framed during Rocking Horse's sale last November! Hopefully I will get this next one done soon after the birth (seems simple enough, right?) and get it framed THIS November (okay, maybe next June). Not another 4 years down the road...

I've also pulled out my moon quilt and worked on finishing the basting, so I can get it off my cutting board & get it in a lap frame in time to take it up to Mom's over the holiday. I need to start somewhere with my hand quilting...and this old wall quilt seems a good place to begin.


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