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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gigantic, or not?

Gigantic, or not?
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Does the sock in the middle look all that big to you, compared to the two from my first pair?

It feels fine *on* me, while my first pair of socks (the blue ones on the left and right) seem a little narrow in the heels (and definitely short in the toe, but that is not the fault of the yarn or the pattern).

Everyone has commented on the Largeness of the middle sock, but honestly, I must have thick ankles (lord already knows I have good-sized feet, I just didn't know they were all that wide). The heel fits a little goofy (wraps around a bit far) but it is comfy, more comfy than my first pair.
Gotta love the colors, too...the old Sock Memories "Paper Doll" from Knit Picks, 100% merino wool. I think they've re-named it Hawaii. I almost ordered a 3rd skein of it, but had justenough to finish one sock, so I'll make the next one the same size. Soon.

Right now I have Baby Knitting Fever. I requested some knitting books from other libraries (ours is sadly in need of updating their knitting well as their quilting section...oh well, we have a new library coming in, what? 2008? Meanwhile I will keep requesting the "right" books from the library sharing system, to give them some clues).

Took all my knitting books in to Flying Sheep and bought wool (shocker!) for two projects: bonnets from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, and a chunky cardigan from Knitting for Two.

Already finished the back of the cardigan, and I'm trucking along on the first of the two bonnets. Another shocker -- both projects called for a wool blend with mohair in, we'll see how my skin & allergies handle that...


  • At 3:55 PM, Blogger Kimberly said…

    the leg looks wide, but I think that is only in comparison to the other two!

    Who cares, as long as it fits! :)


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