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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I won!

Stash mess
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I couldn't go to my Friday night crop last week because of the flu (I'm sure that's what it was, because I'm perfectly fine definitely wasn't the onset of second-trimester blech), so I went last night instead. My LSS just started staying open late on Wednesdays for cropping; they are also now doing (somewhat) hourly drawings on crop nights and month-end drawings (you get a ticket for that each Friday or Wednesday you crop there) on the last Friday and last Wednesday of the month.

Since they are closed this Friday (I'm being forced to go to Brighton to crop, holy cow!), their month-end for May was last week. Alas, I was in bed then, aching and ill, but I did make an effort to go to their last Wednesday crop, even if it meant dragging my 4 year-old along. I will do anything for a prize. Shameless.

Well, whaddya know, I won! A very nice tote. You can find it somewhere in the middle of my stash (you can probably only see the pink pocket; the rest of the tote is brown, tres chic). I'm trying to slim down the supplies I take to crops; my rolling Crop XL is getting to be a real bear to lift into my car each week. No wonder, take a look at all the crap I had loaded into it, piled in front of my new tote. Time to do some serious purging of my scrapbooking stuff.


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