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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Vintage slide bounty

Vintage slide bounty
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A nice variety of small buckles, or "ribbon slides," as they are known in the scrapbooking industry. Each one was 50 cents at my favorite Ann Arbor Antiques Market booth (sorry, I didn't grab a card, but she's out of Rhode Island and has the most GORGEOUS color-coordinated booth in the whole market. Scrumptious)!

Most of these are going into my Community Theatre mini-album, to commemorate 15 years I spent doing (mostly musical) theatre around the Detroit area. A fun new project inspired by Simple Scrapbook's Scrapbooking Made Easy "encyclopedia."

When I got home, my new Freestyle scrapbooking idea book arrived in the mail (shown off to the right in the pic above). Whee! Ideas galore. Although I resent the suggestion that I enjoy fresh graphic design (a la Real Simple magazine) because I'm "looking for something to go with my newly Botoxed lips." WTH?! Seriously, it's in the introduction. Gah. Can you even Botox your lips? I thought it was just your forehead and brows. Meg Ryan has totally had it done, I saw her on Oprah last month. HORRIBLE. Anyway.

Lots of digital scrapbooking suggestions, which is an art I still have to learn. Especially considering I'm still (barely) working with Photoshop 4.0, when everyone else is working with PS 7.0! I'm an old Mac gal who still loves her Adobe Pagemaker, and I organize/touchup/print all my photos with the MS Picture It software I got when I made the switch to Dell. Five years ago...


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