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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Day 10 of 21-Day Challenge

Day 10 of 21-Day Challenge
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Okay, I give up on all pretense of keeping up with Rhonna's schedule. Although I've been pretty honest about not playing along in a timely manner right from the start...really, I wanted to move down that freaky self-portrait a bit!

I used Rhonna's actual quote for Day 10, so, no QOD link today. Just her site link.

Went to Knit In on Tuesday. Just a handful of us: Elisha, Emily & a friend from the UM chemistry dept., Lynne. Although why I'm linking to those WHO HAVE BLOGS THEY NEVER UPDATE DESPITE THRILLING NEWS (ahem), I'll never know...still, it was great to get out of the house & work on the sleeves to my Yarn Girl's hoodie.

I've been reading books about babies & being a big sister to Tess; she's suddenly started waking up through the night, not just to go potty but because she's "scared." The first couple of nights she had a very real fear of bugs (Dad killed a "yellow coat" on the tennis court while they were out together, the next night they were caught in a cloud of gnats), but as of last night I decided that perhaps we should back off from overloading her with baby-in-the-womb information.

She was thrilled, however, to discover that the baby can *hear* her. The first thing she did was "whisper" a "secret" to the baby: "I love you and I can't wait to meet you!" Now if she could just come up with another song besides her out-of-tune version of "Elmo's World" to sing to it, we'd be all set.


  • At 6:51 PM, Blogger CJ said…

    Wait ... what's the thrilling news? I'm trying to live vicariously through everyone else for another week and a half!


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