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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Brandy decanter

Brandy decanter
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Decided to give my mom half of my plum brandy for Christmas. Seems dad slowly siphons off any fancy liquor she gets, and as she only wants a sniff of brandy (or Bailey's, or Kaluha) every now and then, when she goes to find it it's usually gone (thanks, dad). Soooo...the tag says "don't mess with MOM'S HOOCH."

Tess willingly went to three (!) craft shows in the village with me yesterday; we blew through them and, as usual, the seniors were the best salespeople.

Tess got a really cute crocheted hat (she's hidden the AWESOME Russian "helmet" her Baba knit for her...from memory... I wanted to show it here but the little sneak has decided she doesn't like it).

She also got a little crochet bag with a cat button (detecting a trend here? I still don't crochet) and a paper star ornament. Little old ladies just love her.

Anyway, I picked up two decanters for 50 cents and some really retro, bright potholders for my kitchen at the Senior Center show. I'm such a sucker for the elderly and their crafts. Especially crochet.


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