"Whatever shall we do in that remote spot? Well, we'll write our memoirs. Work is the scythe of time." --Napoleon Bonaparte, on his way into exile.

Friday, November 18, 2005


I'm bummed that I didn't finish my GoF scarf in time, not that I had movie tickets for tonight, but it was the principle of the thing, y'know? I ran out to Old Village Yarn Shop in Plymouth on Tuesday, to exchange my extra skein of gold yarn for a much-needed skein of the burgundy so that I could finish it. However, that was the Extra-Crappy Weather day this week (horrible dark grey skies all day, GINORMOUS icy cold rain drops splattering down non-stop), and I think it actually made my cold worse.

I skipped knitting that night, didn't get any NaNo words written, and went to bed at -- kid you not -- 7:30p. A lovely NyQuil-induced coma followed, and I felt better on Wednesday, but I had WORDS to catch up on. Alas, no knitting was done until late yesterday. We couldn't get a babysitter and I didn't have tickets anyway, so I said WTH and set my scarf aside. Just one and a half repeats to go and it's done, I swear (plus sewing...and fringe...). We'll most likely see GoF this Sunday (scarf or not) or next weekend, when we're up north and have built-in babysitters.

I was still sufficently bummed about not finishing the scarf "on deadline," that I updated my Finished Projects page for 2005. See? I have finished something since March. I bought the scarf yarn on my birthday back in August, and have been working on that ever since. I just forgot to update the Finished Projects page this summer.

As far as NaNo goes, I'm going to break the 30,000-word mark tonight (as soon as I get back to [ahem] writing). I dropped a plot bomb on my main character at the 24,000 word mark this week, and it got FUN. No, really, fun. I've introduced a new character that I have a crush on (don't know that it's a good sign yet), and despite the fact that he is a poetry-writing American real estate broker (seriously, I knew one of those once), I keep seeing and hearing him as Lupin, which is throwing me (E and I saw Kingdom of Heaven the other day, and we both kept referring to the Hospitaler as Lupin, as in, "Look! It's going to be Lupin's head in that pile!").

I developed a crush on Thewlis when I watched the the PoA movie on DVD recently. Too bad he isn't in the new movie. Hopefully he'll be in the Book V movie (Order of the Phoenix would shorten to OotP, which just looks goofy). I get the strangest crushes, I swear.


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