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Friday, November 11, 2005

F.A.T. Report

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That's for Fabric Acquisitions Team, BTW.

Mom has a terrific quilt shop in Harrisville as well as a decent yarn shop. I had too much fun pawing through their fat quarters for Tess's embroidered lady quilt. There's an Aunt Sarah piece in there, plus tiny ballerinas (Tess's favorite, of course) and some really big shoes/slippers.

Currently these are being spread out all over the house by Miss Thang. I must go rescue them and get them in the wash.

I am such a freak. One of my favorite accomplishments over the weekend was sorting my mother's scrap box by color. Seriously, I spent over an hour doing this. She even gave me little baggies to put them in. I was giddy. Must be that cusp-of-Virgo thing in my natal chart.

Oh, look! Previous proof of my freaky organizational gene.

Mom had a good laugh at me because when Tess was born (and I was heavily getting into scrapbooking ), I cleared a storage cabinet of old fat quarters I'd been collecting (about 6 years' worth). Naturally while I was up there this weekend I asked for some of them back. I didn't take much. Not surprising that my tastes have changed in the last ten years.

I picked up this cool project book at the Harrisville fabric shop (The Quilting Patch, I believe). Lots of fat quarter ideas, and crazy how quilting and scrapbooking can cross paths. There's directions for making fabric Artist Trading Cards and covered journals. Now to get some more printable fabric for my vintage photo collection.


  • At 3:59 PM, Anonymous KarenD said…

    Ooh, nice! A few of those look like Lakehouse, which I'm especially fond of.

    Speaking of printable fabric, I've got tons (well, not quite literally) of Printed Treasures if you'd like to try that out.


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