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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Scrapbooking Layouts

Since I can't figure out how to force Blogger's photo upload to put my photos in the order I want, I'll just post them individually through Flickr and explain them up in this post.

I cropped last Friday; two friends bailed on me and I didn't get to the shop until 8:30p, so I didn't think I'd get as much done as I did. I also cropped on Sunday out at the Zone and again surprised myself, considering I was waiting on my SU demo to deliver some paper and ballet-themed stamps I wanted to use for my niece's layout.

I did Top of the Park on Friday, after finishing my Fourth of July layout (which I haven't shared here - haven't scanned it yet). I wanted circles to compliment the striped paper I used for the title; found a styrofoam bowl that did the trick for the larger circle.

I finished my nephew's layout months ago; just put it here because I was putting up my niece's. Gotta be fair with those two; they're only a year apart.

With my niece's layout, I discovered I could finish up bits & pieces of a layout at home, in the mornings while Tess plays. Add some ribbon here, paint some title letters there, let it dry, work some more again the next morning. I'm pleased with how this one turned out.


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