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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Knitted thingy...

Knitted thingy...
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Hang on...a rare knitting entry! Shocker, I know.

We visited the Waldorf/Rudolph Steiner "lower" school yesterday, on Elisha's recommendation (one of our rare Knit In members without a website). VERY cool place. I had picked up a brochure on knitted Waldorf dolls for 25 cents at the A2 District Library Book Sale (so addicted) a couple of weeks ago, and Elisha had noted at our get-together Tuesday night that the store at the Waldorf school had inexpensive yarn & the natural wool batt the Steiner philosophy "recommends." I wanted to be true to the spirit of the project and hey, I supported the Waldorf school to boot.

This looked waaay weirder without its head stuffed (think "flaccid") (that still cracks me mature), but looks more like a doll than when I started. My first knitted toy!


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