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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another baby hat

We had a very busy day today; last day of Kindermusik (missed last week because we had our ultrasound...only those in the know, "know..." ya know?!), a visit to Ingrid and Finlay (or should I say, a visit to Mowgli and Jester, since Tess was way more fascinated with their cats), a Mother's Day Tea at preschool (adorable), and dinner out at a new place, Carlyle's. Fancy place, but lots of families with kids. They brought Tess's dinner out first, and fast, plus amused her with an Etch-A-Sketch and the sugar caddy (see next entry), so we were suitably impressed.

Well, to keep in the spirit of the above entry/knitting entries (yes, you can now pass out with shock as little Alexandria did below):

Another baby hat
Originally uploaded by CreativeExile.

I should have made Finlay one of these! Perhaps it would have had a similar effect on him. He slept fitfully in my right arm but conked out immediately cradled in Ingrid's left. I forget what a lefty I am; he really wanted to be cradled in my left arm, but as a lefty I always cradled Tess to the right (go figure). I had to laugh at Tess's confused expression whenever I found someone else changing her "backwards."

I asked Tess what she thought of the baby, since we'll be bringing one home (permanently, however) this fall, and she said, "he's cool." Heh. Until she finds out we can't return it to the hospital or leave it at Ingrid's.


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