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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Felting fun

Felting fun
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Somehow buying books about crafts never feels like it should be deducted from my monthly craft budget. Especially when it gives me very specific directions for oh, say, felting old wool clothes for my future crafts projects.

I meant to take before and after pictures of my ill-fated wool pants, but I was feeling lazy, "before." The un-shruken linings made for a much better picture, anyway. These are now destined for some wool quilting fun.

I also shrunk a hideous pair of orange-and-grey houndstooth-checked pants (buried deep in an old backpack, for hiking emergencies only) and a crummy beige argyle sweater with red and green diamonds. I'm hoping to make the sweater a purse, although there is one moth hole that even 3 hot water washing could not completely seal up.

The ill-fated fairisle
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First of all, stop laughing. Yes, this is me, circa 1982. I post it because it was a valuable, early lesson in the pain of felting. My dad washed this sweater (my absolute favorite) in hot water, then threw it in the dryer. I think mom was out of town. I was heartbroken over the sweater, and dad was never let near the laundry again.

If Tess is ever cursed to wear glasses (I've had mine since 1st grade), she will not be allowed to wear them for school photos. I don't care if she squints, no one should be subjected to this kind of embarassment years down the road.

No, really. Stop laughing. And remember, scotch tape is not a wise choice for putting photos into an album. Acid-free adhesives are a good thing.


  • At 2:17 PM, Blogger mayflwr said…

    hehehe i love the picture!!

    justin being sweet, once threw in my favorite pair of red capris (some weird synthetic material) in the stretched like crazy and was HUGE! I was already stressed out and upset over something or another and started bawling....when I calmed down we threw it in the dryer and it shrunk back! perfect! if only we could do that with wool...

  • At 2:34 PM, Blogger CJ said…

    Damn girl - you rock those glasses!!


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