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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Railroad thrills

Railroad thrills
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The restored Dexter Depot holds an open house once a month. A local group of model railroaders sponsored the depot restoration and there's a huge model train set-up inside. Unfortunately it's so high up off the ground that little ones can't really appreciate it. And the model railroaders didn't have things going when it opened at 7p tonight. One guy was radiating sheer terror when E asked him some questions about the set-up; E got pissed and we left soon after.

"Honey," I said, "that guy was practically muttering under his breath, 'please don't ask me anything, please don't ask me anything...please...leave me alone with my tiny tracks and boxcars!!'" The poor guy barely squeaked out three coherent words in answer to E's barrage of questions. E was angry that the whole situation just oozed (model railroader) geekiness. Pretty funny coming from an electrical engineer.

Little pitcher doesn't miss a thing. "Why do they usually hide in their basements?" she asked, after I elaborated my Railroader Geek theory to E. "Why, mommy, whywhywhy?"


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