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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Yarn Tasting

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I think I have had way too much wine & chocolate to write anything resembling a coherent entry tonight, but, here goes. Big thanks to Lynne for hostessing!

Start at bottom (just like a -hic- pattern!)...

Jo Sharp...strange hand, kind of stiff, but soft (cashmere, anyone?)

Rowan Harris Tweed DK...not an orangey-red person, but this reminded me of the "junk food" offering I brought tonight: (FRESH) candy corn...mmm...

Nashua...I couldn't help but think of the B&N in Nashua, NH that I used to coordinate book signings with...until we sent them Psycho Illustrator (who never did turn in his receipts for that trip) and rejected their Event Coordinator's manuscript...ANYWAY, this yarn was very soft, beautiful color changes. You can tell I liked it, I worked the longest with it!

Peruvian Alpaca...very, very soft. Loved it.

Rowan Summer offering for the evening. Hmm...a little stiff, but warm (okay...don't even go there with that...sorry...I told you I had too much wine...)

? nose started to itch pretty quick. I also hate how this stuff catches on itself but my, my, it's pretty. It was much more turquoise IRL.

Ibiza...linen, cotton, acrylic. Lovely hand. Kind of a dull color for me, though.

Carla brought her mini-skeins from Threadbear's recent yarn tasting (Lynne swears they stole the idea from her...) I LOVED GGH's Soft Kid/Kid Soft (whaaaevah...)...Warren, are you reading?! I will do swatches!! Projects!!! Even if it is mohair...


  • At 1:55 PM, Blogger mayflwr said…

    what gorgeous yarn!

    oh, did I tell ya? I'm the new "children's book specialist" at the bookstore! Since it's a used bookstore, it really doesn't mean much...I reorganized the entire section (kiddos go through and pull out books/ shove em's a big mess)plus I get to decide what children's books we take in. I read like crazy as a kiddo, so it's nice being around those familiar titles again. It must be fun being a children's book editor! :)

  • At 1:56 PM, Blogger mayflwr said…

    oops, I just realized you were a "former" editor.

    oh yes, what pairing do you suggest for wine and chocolate? sounds delicious!


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